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Vicky Tomalin - Bridges Manager

Hi, many of you know me through Forest School, I am also the Bridges Manager and work in Bridges in afterschool club.  I specialise in everything outdoors and I am the residential leader and organiser for the Year 4 and 6 residential trips as well as the Educational visits Coordinator for the whole school. I currently work alongside the Early Years Team working as a Classroom Assistant, which adds to my 'learning' knowledge throughout the whole school.

The Deputy Manager is Katherine Wilson. During the day Katherine works within the classroom as a Teaching Assistant. We have a further 4 members on the team. Please feel free to come along and meet us all!

The Breakfast Club team is led by Judy Pass, Monday to Friday along with two other members of staff.

I am responsibile for all bookings of breakfast and afterschool club, so if you are interested in making a booking please contact me on 01295 709583 or email me at



We benefit from having a mixed age range within our staff team, which means that we not only gain knowledge and understanding from new ideas but also from life experiences of being parents ourselves. This means that we have a vast wealth of knowledge and experience that can be used at any time. We share duties and responsibilities between us and because of our close working relationships all of the staff get to know all children in order for them to feel secure.

Our team all hold a variety of qualifications that are all nationally recognised. Quality interactions and playing alongside with the children is priceless.  In addition to our qualifications, we ensure that all staff receive paediatric first aid training, food hygiene and safeguarding practices are all updated regularly.